Can you pass the Speedtech I.T. challange?

Review the ten questions below, your answers may shock yourself!

Simply read through the questions below and think yes or no - no need to click anything... Just think about the answers!


1 You have a backup of your emails and documents?
2 You have a backup of your photographs?
3 You have a backup of your data off-site?
4 You have restored your data to test its working?
5 Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
6 Is your Anti-Virus and Spyware software is working?
7 Your computer workstations and network is secure?
9 Do you have a secure wireless network?
9 Do you have existing IT support?
10 Is your software up to date?


If you have answered "No" to most of the questions:- Speedtech will put it right for you, perhaps now is the time to have a fresh I.T. review assesment.

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